The Bible: A Jewish Conspiracy and Hoax on the Gentiles

The Bible is a Jewish conspiracy. Christians are deluded under a powerful spell. Christianity is nothing more than a vicious program, with the goals of:

"May his name and memory be blotted out."
--The Jewish Talmud

"We shall destroy God"
--Quote from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The list is endless and it is so glaringly obvious what was done. Now, we all know the Nazarene is fictitious. The Jews themselves know it and don't believe in him as he is a lie based upon some 20+ crucified "saviors" stolen from Gentile pantheons around the world.

I have put a lot of effort and time into researching the Bible, as so many people have serious hang-ups because of intense indoctrination with Christiainty and the psychic power that has gone into it. It is obvious the Bible is a hoax and a lie.

"We shall now endeavor to answer the question which must naturally arise in the minds of all who see for the first time, the similarity in the legends of the Hebrews and those of other nations, namely: have the Hebrews copied from other nations, or, have other nations copied from the Hebrews? To answer this question we shall; first give a brief account or history of the Pentateuch and other books of the Old Testament from which we have taken legends, and show about what time they were written; and second, show that other nations were possessed of these legends long before that time, and that the Jews copied from them."
- Bible Myths And Their Parallels in Other Religions By T. W. Doane " 1882, page 92

The Creation:
"Structurally, Genesis 1-11 presents a fascinating insight into how the Bible evolved from a collection of polytheistic myths and legends from various cultures into a mostly coherent monotheistic account of Israelite history."
- 101 Myths of the Bible by Gary Greenburg " 2000; page 3

In summary, every character in the bible was stolen form Pagan Gentile religions and replaced with a Jewish character:

The Jewish story of Jacob and the Ladder was stolen from the Egyptian Funerary Rituals for the deceased King
"Hail to thee, O Ladder of God, Hail to thee, O Ladder of Set. Stand up O Ladder of God, Stand up O Ladder of Set, stand up O Ladder of Horus, whereon Osiris went forth into heaven." "The Egyptian Ladder consisting of the bodies of two Egyptian deities upon which Osiris ascends into heaven, has been replaced by a ladder with several supernatural beings, angels, climbing up and down between earth and heaven."11

Jewish Moses was stolen from several Gods and kings, depending on what stage of his life story:

By creating opposing Gods, one "good" and the other "evil" the Jews have been able to manipulate the world beyond belief.

The Jewish book of Judges is comprised of material stolen from:

The Jewish books of Samuel and Kings contain stolen material from:

More stolen material in the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah from:

The Gentile Gods wound up in the grimoires of blasphemy.

"No other people has ever been so conscious of ultimate primacy through supernatural intervention. This has given them cohesion and courage to persevere in the face of persecution and decimation. The conviction that every jew will one day share in his divine destiny as a member of the world's ruling race has made him proud and has enabled him to survive unassimilated among the nations of the earth."
"Included in the promised inheritance was a deliverer or messiah to bring about "the kingdom." This messiah would be either a temporal, human leader who with his armies would overthrow the enemies of Israel, or a supernatrual being who would do likewise, establishing an "everlasting" Jewish kingdom as well." "The Jewish imperialism would thus come as the awaited deliverer destroyed the enemies and gave their booty to Israel. As Larson says 'This Messiah shall bring judgement upon the Gentiles and they shall become the slaves of Judah..."
The above two paragraphs were excerpts taken from The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S. " 1999 taken from pages 325 and 326

The purpose of the bible was:

Bible Myths And Their Parallels in Other Religions By T. W. Doane Copyright 1882In closing in the Al Jilwah and Qu"ret al-Yezid, Satan makes it very plain concerning these lies.



"We shall destroy God"
--Quote from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


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