The Stolen Kabalah

The Kabalah is not Jewish in origin. The Jews stole and altered the kabalah from the Egyptians. As a matter of fact, the word "Kabalah" is an alteration of "KA BA ANKH."

To further emphasize the Egyptian origins of the Kabalah, we can break the word down:
Egyptian religion held that what we call the spirit or soul consisted of three distinct parts: the KA, the BA, and the ANKH. Egyptologists characterize the KA (represented by two upraised arms) as the individual's "vital force" or "spiritual twin." Pharaohs could have several kas; mere mortals- only one. The "KA" is the etherial double of one's physical body; the ghost or image of one in the present or immeditately preceding life. The "BA" is the soul. The soul has no relation to the image of the body as it reincarnates from body to body throughout the lifetimes. The reason the pharaohs who were very close to the Gods could have several kas more than likely came from an ability to shapeshift during astral projection. This ability is of the Gods.

The ANKH is the lifeforce; the aura, the "light body."

The Hebrew letters that many occult societies use in their ceremonies and such are bogus as Hebrew certainly isn't the original writing or language. It is used for control.

Just as the imposter Christianity replaced the original religions, it is the same with the Hebrew, only worse as Christianity is a tool of the Jews. Through Jewish infiltation, (a good example is what was done to Freemasonry), Hebrew letters and mysticism were pushed on occult societies. This is no different than how Christianity has been force fed to the populace. This is their control. They play both sides against the middle. On the one side, they control the Gentiles through their program of Christianity and on the other side, through their infiltration of occult societies. With the occult societies, they have controlled "Paganism" and "Satanism." Each side recognizes the other as an arch enemy. This is nothing more than a diversion and distraction; Gentile vs. Gentile, while the Jews look on and wait for us to destroy ourselves to where they can advance unimpeded and claim the world for themselves. All of the above are chock full of Hebrew archetypes, symbolism, imposter deities, language, writing, and the stolen, corrupted twisted “culture” of which they have nothing of their own. Even atheist and "freethinking" organizations are controlled by the Jews. Here, they push the Jewish invention of communism. Communism (where spirituality is no longer recognized), is the stepping off point for Christianity. One is force-fed a program of lies and corruption and finally reaches a state where they question and then deny anything spiritual. Because these Jewish based religions are bogus and based on total materialism, little if anything every happens of a spiritual nature.

The runic kabalah was lost. The runic kabalah is the key to using the runes. The Druids used the runic kabalah extensively. They were all butchered by the inquisition and the penalty for possessing or using runes was death. All spiritual knowledge was systematically destroyed and removed.

The runes are based upon the constellations and are very close to, if not the original script, given to us from the Gods. The runes are similar in many ways to the shapes of the ancient cuneiform letters. The letter lines connect the planets of the constellations, each into a specific shape.

"YHVH" is definitely not a being, but is representative of the four elements.

This, again, was stolen and judafied like everything else.

There is no need for the Jewish "yod heh vau heh." For Gentiles, real power comes from the runes, not from Hebrew letters. The Jews corrupted, abused and desecrated the original kabalah and claimed it as their own. Gentile peoples, like the Druid Priests who had the knowledge of the real kaballah were viciously tortured to death and slaughtered.

All Gentile occult knowledge was forcibly removed and delivered into the hands of the Jews who have used this to enslave our Gods, our peoples, and our nations. It is time we reclaim what is ours and stand proud. Satan is enraged!!
“For these are times of vengeance and there will be great wrath upon this people.”
The ancient teachings and texts contain the power we need for real spiritual warfare. This is what the enemy fears the most. The Jews only have spiritual control over our peoples as long as the deluded use their symbols, believe their lies, worship their fictitious deities and acknowledge them as the "Chosen People." We must take back what is ours!!



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