Harmony is one of the most important values in Spiritual Satanism. Harmony is important physically and metaphysically, esoterically or in the external world.

In our lives and our existence, we must seek to tend towards harmony inside ourselves and others.

The consciousness of this virtue is attained when the soul advanced. It takes good ears to listen to the harmonious cycles of the spheres of existence. The one who refuses to listen, is bound to dance wrongly, but also not enjoy the music of existence.

Musicians, dancers and artists will understand best: The rest of us shall know that when we listen to disharmony: What a cursed life is a life where all the music in it, is a product of disharmony!

As thus it was stated: Wise is Dionysus, for He knows how to Dance. He listens too well, directly in the source of all that is: He can dance on any tune, at any time and never miss a step. Apollo plays the Lyre and Dionysus and the Satyrs will dance the perfect tune.

Inside that dance, we see the harmony of the worlds unfolding itself, with no wrong step compared to any musical note.

“And that is how, my Lyre is the conqueror of all the worlds: It is the sound of harmony in all things”, Apollo concluded.



“Apollon Azazel,

You are the cure and healer of disharmony,

Playing your chords perfectly, you master all thought and matter,

Lord of Lords, Great is your Music,

Give me the ears and wisdom to listen carefully.”

Обратно към Сатанинска Етика

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