Стремеж към Знание

To pursuit knowledge is a given; wise are those who want to know, to learn.

A form of power, knowledge can be incorporated to create wisdom.

Knowledge can be used to create ignorance, or everything in between.

The question is, where is the knowledge directed?

From where does it come?

The more one knows, the better. But a curse is inside knowledge that moves alone and boasts to itself: “I am the king of all”, promoting itself as the queen of queens: It forgets the sisters which uphold her to her throne.

For knowledge is only an increase, that without it’s sisters of Truth, Wisdom, Understanding to protect her, she will fall into the violent hands of Ignorance, Foolishness and Pretense.

Fallen she will be from the throne without her sisters, risen will she be in the highest throne in love and balance with her sisters.



“Lord Azazel,

Apollonian Light,

Transferred be to me, through Thoth,

Bring me True Knowledge,

Let it be blessed, let it be away from untruth!”

Обратно към Сатанинска Етика

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