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It is important for any SS to understand, that the enemy is the source of what we call fundamentally "evil".

Evil, except of a natural situation of natural laws that are put there to cause opposition so that they are to be overcome. The situation of "evil" in nature is a wrong term we use. But what we refer to as "Evil" in nature is merely there to be overcome by evolving entities.

Certain entities that are stuck in this universe and cannot evolve, thrive on what we refer to as "Evil". This has become an objective reality for entities that are of a lesser level such as these of the enemy.

The enemy tries to push humanity downwards, and they try to prevent human advancement. Human advancement, especially of proper spirituality, would gradually lessen and lessen the "evil" in this world.

The enemy thrives on ignorance, and wants to procure it. They need it as a mosquito needs the blood of its victims.

Evil, I define here as ignorance. Most "evil" things in this world are due to ignorance, or shrunk perception, or untruth. The closer one is with these, the further they become "evil" and negative towards themselves and others.

Spiritual Satanism is not against "evil", we recognize this as part of the natural order; but we are against ignorance.

That is our key difference. Instead of claiming idly that we "fight evil", we simply say we fight stupidity, ignorance, lack of knowledge: the sources of the symptom that we call "evil".

Lack of enlightenment, is the natural source of all that we call "evil", and also the necessary evil is because of this. We are slaves to circumstances that procure evil.

A very basic example here, is the example of a thief. A thief or a murderer has become that maybe because his civilization does not know how to create food. Most normal people, do crimes and things like this for reasons of necessity, but not all.

If then again, the crime happened only due to inner evil, jealousy, spite, or the need of revenge, greed, then still, stupidity and ignorance were high and not to the level to teach this person values and discipline.

Nobody taught this person then how to use greed or the need of revenge for self development. Education here, would defeat ignorance. Pure evil is present in a marginal amount of cases; it's true, it exists. But it's not a reality as constant as we might think.

Then again, if the cause of wrong is even deeper, the solution is still more knowledge. Until in the end, the issue is solved.

The above is how "evil" in the broad sense is eliminated. For example, the "Evil" occurrence of a famine, is not solved by talking against the famine, but rather, having the KNOWLEDGE to prevent said famine with farming or science.

Abrahamic programs and those coming from the enemy, have procured and created endless evil in this world, as they preached against knowledge, understanding, learning and generally all that procures the beautiful and good in this world.

Then, because they thrive on the consequences of "evil", i.e., the misery it brings, the problems of people, their reassured wounds that will remain forever until cured - they put up a fake sign that they "fight evil".

None of the sources of "Evil" were ever addressed. In fact, they protected, procured, and made sure these sources of evil reached the highest power in our world, leading society to ruins.

The more ignorance, foolishness and lack of education reigns, the more Christianity and the enemy programs get a powerful foothold.

Most of the world who has adopted these systems and took these seriously, was left in ruins. Those who did not take them seriously, still exist and advance to this day.

In Arabia for example, the best places both spiritually and culturally still remain those that have the least adoption of the enemy programs. The same is the case in Europe and of course, the United States.

This "evil" that they defined with false terminology, what Christianity refers to as "Evil", is exactly what CURES us from our inner evil and falling victim to it. This solution is spiritual enlightenment.

In essence, they took the source of all that would evolve us, and called it "evil". Then, people were programmed to massacre and attack the source of their own enlightenment, which is the Gods, their cultures, science, logic, reason, and everything positive.

Progressively, this mental virus actually succeeded, and we self-destructed a great part of our own goodness, such as knowledge, scientific advances, social advances, or even certain civilizations went down completely by internal collapse.

The enemy bars and closes people from all pathways of development that would shrink "evil", while they deceitfully preach against it, therefore, making a world filled with evil, stupidity and misery.

If you outlaw meditation and enlightenment, it's a matter of time that the world will be consumed into a fatal downward spiral into damnation. These are natural laws at play. The fact that the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Assyrians or the Aryans in India and so many others were so insistent on the Divine Rules, is because without them, our existence is moot.

Even if one seeks to profit from this act of removing these great Truths from humanity, this downwards spiral will eventually destroy everything in its path, consuming them too. The enemy does not understand this, and it seems, they do not care about the consequences of this behavior.

As thus, the enlightened person must also seek in safe and lawful ways to stop them.

In complete contrast to the enemy, we do not preach "against evil". We want to examine it and cure it. We talk about what it is realistically, its necessity, its sources, and how we can get better with it.

We talk about the upwards and eternal spiral of the Truth, the movement towards the Truth, and we allow and preach as virtues all of what will lead us to this great attainment of the state of inner spiritual Satya, ie, realization of the Eternal Truth.

For this reason, our Ancestral religions always relate Eternal Truth with what we refer to as "Agatho" in Ancient Greek, which for lack of a better word is the universal constant of the "Good".

Not "Good" absolved from "Evil", but true goodness that is the result of actual enlightenment.

Our Gods are called the "Agathoi Daimones", meaning in Ancient Greek "Good, beneficial Demons" or the "Teachers of the "Agatho", teachers of goodness, the beings that are teaching us of the justice and laws of the universe.

Spiritual Satanism takes the soul away from this endless loop of ignorance. It's the breaking of the hopeless loop of the fall of the human soul. When this loop is broken, the soul starts elevating into higher levels of light and understanding.

We move then upwards to the proper natural balance, onwards to the heaven of understanding of the Crown Chakra, away from ignorance. We leave it behind every single day, and then it leaves us too.

Spiritual Satanism is the pathway to recognize and eventually rise above evil. As the enemy says gleefully, "Their eyes have been opened".

True consciousness highlights in our awareness the ability to recognize evil, and only then can evil be defeated and conquered against. One must gain the vision of the Gods to see it, to comprehend it, in order to finally, rise above it.

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17 Септември, 2022

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